Undergraduate Scholarships

Fidelity Investments Access Scholarships
Fidelity Investments Ireland generously supports ten students with a scholarship over four years. The scholarship is a commitment by Fidelity to ensuring that these students are supported throughout the four years of their degree.
The ARUP Scholarship in Engineering

The ARUP Scholarship in Engineering is a scholarship awarded to the highest achieving students in engineering who has come through the Access programme in NUI Galway. The Scholarship awards academic achievement and allows a student to progress through their four year degree without the barrier of financial hardship.

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Inclusive Centenary Scholarship

In September 2016, NUI Galway with the support of Galway University Foundation launched the Inclusive Centenaries Scholarships. Our ambition is to respond to the needs of migrant students living in Ireland to access a third level education at NUI Galway.

The Scholarship addresses the needs of school leavers in Ireland who have refugee status or who are applying for international protection in Ireland (or having been refused international protection, an applicant for permission to remain in Ireland). Their status as non-EU students means that they are eligible to pay full fees and are not entitled to apply for a maintenance grant. The scholarship is an opportunity for these high achieving students to apply for this Scholarship in respect of their fees and living expenses so that school-leavers from Ireland's newest communities have an opportunity to a their-level education.

Máire Brazil Scholarship in Engineering
The Máire Brazil scholarship in the College of Engineering and Informatics was launched in 2017. It celebrates women in engineering and is awarded to the highest achieving female student in Civil Engineering. The award is made to a female student with the highest results in Civil Engineering. This scholarship will encourage and support talented female students to develop careers in Engineering. It has been established by distinguished engineering alumna of NUI Galway Áine Brazil through Galway University Foundation.