Sports Clubs & Societies

In March 2016 Bank of Ireland announced a programme of support for the development of sports clubs and societies at University of Galway. The significant investment from Bank of Ireland will help fund the development of the clubs and societies and help improve the overall quality of the student experience at the University.

Sport has never been so active in University of Galway, with the number of male and female students including physical activity as part of their lifestyle increasing year on year. Currently University of Galway has 46 student-led sports clubs with more than 6,000 students training on a weekly basis.

Key programmes which are supported by Bank of Ireland's investment include:

  • Coach education programmes provided to volunteer club coaches
  • Expansion of the Elite Sport Scholarship programme
  • Launch of an intercollege participation programme
  • Sport science services to teams and athletes
  • Investment in sporting equipment and playing kits
  • Support of international athletes for training camps and international competition
  • Hosting of intervarsity events
  • The annual Sport Awards

The generous support of Bank of Ireland is already having a major impact on sport clubs at University of Galway with our students representing Ireland or Irish university teams in 10 different sports in the past year, including European and World Championships. University of Galway's sport teams have won gold in 13 disciplines at intervarsity level, and this year saw several University of Galway students play GAA at Inter County level.

Recent years have also seen increased success for female athletes, with University of Galway students winning All Irelands in women's basketball, women's soccer and women's rugby, reflecting the growing number of our female students now becoming involved in the sporting life of the University.

Student Societies

The Bank of Ireland Society Bursary promotes the valuable work of student societies, enhancing the student experience and enriching the wider community. The aim of the award is to support the societies in organising events of social, cultural, humanitarian and educational importance.

Seventeen societies received a Bank of Ireland Society Bursary.

  • Sláinte Society: Teddy Bear Hospital
  • Dramsoc: Theatre Week
  • GUMS: The Producers
  • AMSI: Healthy Heroes
  • Energy Soc: Galway Energy Summit
  • African Caribbean Society: Masquerade Ball
  • St Vincent de Paul: Charity Fashion Show
  • Islamic Soc: Myanmar Cultural Event
  • Orchestra Soc: Winter Concert
  • Healthcare Soc: Health Fusion Challenge
  • Computer Soc: Computer Build Workshop
  • Failte Refugees: Cultural Night
  • Lit & Deb: Irish National Law Debates
  • Pakistani Society: Cultural Event
  • Emergency Medical Society: SimWars
  • GiGSoc: Rainbow Week
  • Music Society: Battle of the Bands