Sometimes it's good to remember where you've come from.

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Be part of the strategic vision for NUI Galway with the NUI Galway Affinity Credit Card. When you sign up for this exclusive card, you contribute to future priority projects on campus thereby ensuring that your Alma Mater remains one of the top Universities in the country. At present, funds raised by the Affinity Card are directed towards support of the extension of the Research Library  adjacent to the James Hardiman Library.

The card, which features an image of the iconic Quadrangle at NUI Galway, is available exclusively to alumni, staff and students of the University. When you sign up for the Affinity Card, Bank of Ireland will donate €40 plus a percentage of the annual spend on your card to Galway University Foundation. Every time a card is used, graduates show the world their proud association with NUI Galway and at the same time support it financially at no additional cost to themselves.

Please click here to apply online for the NUI Galway Affinity Card or contact Kevin in Bank of Ireland, NUI Galway at 076 624 1303 or 076 624 1304 for further information on how to show your affinity with the NUI Galway Affinity Credit Card.

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