Lifecourse Institute

The vision of the Lifecourse Institute is to contribute theoretical, scientific and practical awareness of human capacity and potential across the lifecycle thereby impacting positively on knowledge, attitudes, policy and practice for children, families, older people and people with disabilities.

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The institute will integrate and enhance the work of the following research centres: 

The Child & Family Research Centre, Disability Law and Policy Centre and Irish Centre for Social Gerontology

Each of these centres has already received generous programmatic support from The Atlantic Philanthropies. The Atlantic Philanthropies has announced it will partner with NUI Galway and Galway University Foundation to fund a new dedicated building for this innovative centre in a prime location on the North campus.

The Institute will provide opportunities for collaboration with other disciplines and initiatives at NUI Galway and will strengthen and expand existing relationships with the policy and practice field - including with key international academic and policy institutions.

With the potential to develop a new paradigm in the academic and research fields of human lifecourse research, education and community engagement, this multidisciplinary Centre has been designed to encourage a culture of collaborative research. It will contain a community engagement facility, laboratories and other facilities with virtual links between centres and with stakeholders - including significant statutory, voluntary and community organisations and their service users.

The Lifecourse Institute will truly be a symbol of sustainability to match the progress achieved on growing and integrating the national agenda on international lifecourse research. Its establishment reflects and defines NUI Galway's commitment to humanities and the social sciences.