Hardiman Research Building

Located at the heart of the Galway campus, the new Hardiman Research Building will house next generation graduate, postgraduate and faculty library space dedicated to academic research.

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The new library responds to multiple approaches and establishes a new face for the university. The lower levels of the building extend the public space of the campus via a walkway through a pair of amphitheater and anchor the building into the main public space of the main campus walk and lawn.

The transparent podium level houses the public functions of the museum, seminar rooms and training rooms and supports the large open levels containing the open research areas with a combination of collaboration and study spaces as well as meeting rooms.

The Hardiman Research Building comprises the new home for Archives and Special Collections, Digitisation, Research Support and other Library services as well as creating a collaborative space for research with the Moore Institute for research in the Humanities and Social Studies, and the Whitaker Institute for Innovation and Societal Change located on the upper floors of the building.

The Moore Institute is a leading voice in digital humanities, medieval and early modern history,  literature, travel, and cultural encounter. The Whitaker Institute, honouring the enduring contribution of public servant T.K. Whitaker, is the largest national business and social science institute on the island.