Collaboration with University of Limerick

Galway and the University of Limerick have announced a strategic alliance to encourage indigenous enterprises and foreign direct investment, strengthen research and industry partnerships and further a shared commitment to academic excellence.

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Arising from this significant alliance Galway University Foundation and University of Limerick Foundation will explore key fundraising initiatives to provide funding for this interaction. The new alliance will see NUI Galway and the University of Limerick collaborate extensively in the area of teaching and learning. New initiatives includes a unique ‘Link to Learn’ student exchange programme, which will enable students at either university to choose modules from the other institution.


Other developments include the creation of a new joint Medical Academy at Portiuncula and Roscommon Hospitals, in addition to the development of a programme of activities to respond to the national objectives of building strong foundations in mathematics and science in primary and secondary level.


The alliance is significant because it spans all key areas of activity in both Universities including teaching, research, technology transfer, lifelong learning and the provision of services and provides significant scope for the respective foundations to explore new fundraising opportunities. A major focus of this alliance will be industry collaborations in research and development and increase in both the commercialisation of research and related spinout companies.