The Alumni Fund

In the last decade philanthropy has played a major role in the overall development of NUI Galway. Our campus has undergone significant changes in terms of its infrastructure and major research projects whilst still maintaining focus on our reputation as a student centered University. Support from graduates has played a key role in the delivery of these projects.

The Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund has a significant role in the advancement of NUI Galway's strategic priorities by funding both capital and programmatic projects. We hope, that as a graduate, you will support our efforts to further enhance the reputation of your alma mater as a pioneering University with a reputation of international standing.

If there is any project you would like to specifically support through the Alumni Fund, please don't hesitate to email Susan Treacy or telephone +353 91 495497 and she would be delighted to facilitate your wishes.

 Supporting your Alma Mater

Alumni Fund 2014 seeks to build on the transformation of the NUI Galway campus in recent years by supporting the following areas:

  • Student Scholarships - to enable deserving and talented students attend NUI Galway.

The Programme facilitates the promotion of initiatives that encourage access to, and participation in, NUI Galway amongst under-represented groups of third level education. It addresses and responds appropriately to the issues of equality of access, equity of lifelong learning opportunities and to respond to issues of social exclusion across Ireland’s Border, Midlands and Western Region. NUI Galway aims to provide open and accessible learning opportunities for those who could benefit from university education and enable them to fulfil their individual aspirations.

  • Cancer Research

Prostate Cancer - Supports research into identifying the genetic markers that can predict those patients who are likely to relapse so they can be targeted with more novel and advanced treatment. 

Discovering new therapies   and new treatments for patients who relapse and are unresponsive to available treatments.

Breast Cancer – to fund qualified research scientists and clinicians to carry out research into breast cancer and investigate the presence of biological markers involved in the detection, development and spread of breast cancer. Your donation helps the purchase and maintenance of essential up-to-date laboratory research equipment for analysis of biological genes and proteins.

Leukaemia Research

Prof. Michael O’Dwyer’s is working on new ways of treating Leukaemia and other blood cancers. Chemotherapy has been the standard treatment for some time, but while it is does kill cancer cells, it also kills good cells and it can be a severe and difficult treatment for cancer sufferers. Much of the more recent research into cancer treatment focuses on developing drugs which inhibit cancer cells from growing, rather than just on killing them. Prof. O'Dwyer has been very involved in the development of this sort of treatment for Leukaemia and presently he is working on identifying the characteristics of bone marrow cancer cells so that he can develop ways of targeting them specifically too.   

  •  Autism Research

               The Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopment Research is a centre of excellence for Autism developed at NUI Galway. It funds high level research-led education and training for practitioners managing the care of persons with Autism - research that will lead to better outcomes for people with ASD or neurodevelopmental conditions.

  • New Creative Arts Centre

              The Centre for Theatre and Performance proposes an entirely new blend of teaching programmes, performance activities, research and public engagement with the creative arts and industries. A Performance Lab will be established to serve the needs of the Centre with state-of-the-art facilities for performance and teaching and a dedicated hub for the university’s theatre and performing arts in Irish, English and other modern languages. It will function as a research and activity space for a range of experimental encounters, events and outreach initiatives, open to the university community at large.

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