Centre for Theatre and Performance

The Centre for Theatre and Performance at NUI Galway is an initiative dedicated to the productive interplay of scholarly research, creative endeavour and intellectual enquiry arising from the understanding and practice of performance.

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NUI Galway is uniquely poised to lead a bold initiative of international significance that will build upon our current strengths in drama, theatre and film studies and in a broad understanding of performance generally, but will transform our achievements and capacity. The Centre will maximise our relationships with our vibrant cultural hinterland and will bring together the vision and energy of highly-talented academic staff, skilled professionals and creative practitioners in an inspiring environment supported by state-of-the-art facilities. The result will be ground-breaking programmes of a kind unavailable elsewhere in Ireland or internationally, firmly rooted in our local strengths and capacities, but globally significant in vision, ambition and innovation.


The approach of the Centre will bring together multiple forms and functions of performance in a rigorous way, with significant collaboration with the world outside the academy.  Galway is a unique hub for the exciting interaction of theatre, creative arts, broadcasting, digital technologies, and industry. Graduates of the programmes affiliated to the Centre will have gained basic skills and knowledge common to many drama and theatre programmes, but will also have gained unique experiences and skills achievable only through the kind of performance-centred, technologically-pioneering, integrated programmes of our Centre.


To this end, the Centre for Theatre and Performance proposes an entirely new blend of teaching programmes, performance activities, research (both traditional and practice-based) and public engagement with the creative arts and industries. A Performance Lab infrastructure will be established to serve the needs of the Centre with state-of-the-art facilities for performance and teaching. It will become a dedicated hub for the university’s theatre and performing arts in Irish, English and other modern languages. It will also function as a research and activity space for a range of experimental encounters, events and outreach initiatives, open to the university community at large.

For more information on supporting this project, please contact us at 353 91 493536 or email foundation@nuigalway.ie