Biosciences Research Building

The €30 million Biosciences Research Building project was partially funded under the Programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions; co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund; and the balance came from private philanthropy, led by Galway University Foundation.

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As the first substantial new building on the new north campus, the building provides high technology science research space dedicated to cancer research, regenerative medicine and chemical biology. By utilising a long low-rise horizontal massing, the building establishes both a strong campus edge and a new pedestrian thoroughfare connecting the new science precinct with the heart of the historic campus. Specialised core support facilities are shared by all research functions allowing the labs to be open, flexible lofts that promote interaction.

The program is organised into four distinct zones according to building systems intensity: open/flexible laboratory workspaces, intensely serviced lab support, technical support, write-up spaces and offices for Principal Investigators and a premier corridor. This approach creates a balance of energy efficiency, occupant comfort and ease of operation while exploiting the potential for natural ventilation and daylight into the non-lab spaces.