Alumni Fund Call Campaign

The Alumni Fund provides sustainable, flexible and unrestricted funds to support our research teams and the studies of many of our students

In the past number of years the generosity of our alumni has had an amazing impact on our students. 100% of all monies donated to this campaign will be used to support cancer research, namely in the areas of breast cancer research let by Prof. Michael Kerin and prostate cancer research led by Prof. Frank Sullivan.

Money raised will also be used to support students from disadvantaged areas to realise the full potential of a University education. The access programme at NUI Galway has been very successful in leveling the playing field for many students to gain access to third level education. By providing this course to students who are struggling either because of  illness, financial difficulty or family circumstances they now get a chance to have their own memories of NUI Galway and the value of a strong education with the help of those who have graduated before them.

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